Jerusalem is a city which any description of it, does it a disservice.

Jerusalem is a city which has been fought over, and changed hands, more than any city on the planet.

Its history is part of the history of many of the great empires.

In modern times, Jerusalem came about following its reunification during the Six Day War.

The City has traditionally been relatively impoverished, with job opportunities a poor second rate, compared to Tel Aviv.

Today, with upgraded Roads and Rail connection, as well as massive investment in the Commercial Infrastructure of the City, many jobs and businesses are expected to take root and grow during the coming years.

The Jerusalem Real Estate market, is unlike any market elsewhere, since the local prices do not match local economic rules.

Demand for Jerusalem properties is much higher than normal markets.  Typical markets have demand relative to job and wealth flows in the area. 

Jerusalem has a number of high profile job creation programs, including establishment of a new downtown business district adjacent to the Central Bus Station and Binyanei HaUma.  This area will also be Israel's largest transportation hub, with two Light Rail Lines, a Heavy Rail High Speed line to the country's airport and Tel Aviv region, and connection to the regional road network.

There is a lot of construction in the City, as well as "Demolish and Build" projects, where older less dense structures are being torn down, and replaced with modern high dense residential and commercial construction.

The City has a lot of Real Estate opportunities, including residential rentals and purchases, and a wide range of Commercial properties.

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